Hello Everybody 

Many friends have asked to show some pics of our new home in Florida. Well, it is not that easy because 1und1 is restricting the size of an email so it is almost impossible to attach pics to an email. Therefore we thought it would be best to revive our internet domain and show them there. We will do this in English so you can already practise a little bit for your visit with us. But first some general remarks :

We love it over here !

Today is December 23rd, we had 26 Celsius. We played golf until 5:30pm and just wore shorts and polo shirts. It is now 11pm and we still have 19.  Everything is green, no depressing dead looking trees without leaves, no Hamburger Schietwetter. The sun rises around 7:30am and sets around 6:30pm. The flowers we planted are constantly in blossom and the strawberry season  is about to start.

Our neighbor Marsha from New York nailed it when she said the other day :

"What's not to like about Florida?"

It is a bit odd to see all the christmas decorations at night because of the summer feeling we have, but the people here REALLY put on some great decorations. Those of you who have visited us in Reinbek during this time know that Stefan put on quite a light show but over here he is just a beginner, actually he is a bit depressed over it... Brenda will fix a goose for Christmas, some things will never change.

In the meantime we have the kitchen almost finished and the garden looks also nice again. But we are still "camping" in our house. No need to buy furniture before the place looks the way we want it to look. We think we will have everything presentable in March. So make your travel plans accordingly, you are VERY welcome to visit. We really mean it, there is enough place in the house (separate bedroom with separate bathroom) and there is certainly enough to see and do around here!!!!

But now on to something visual. Most of you have already seen these clips, we made them when we bought the house back in March. They are just a reminder how it looked back then  : 

Around the house

Brenda has done most of the work outside, weeding planting, mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower, have a look at the result :

we laid down tiles - Brenda cut them on an electric watercooled tile cutter!!!

We have a lot of wildlife around here...

a young diamondback rattlesnakea cardinal

sandcranes and Clarence the crosseyed Siamese cat who moved in with us

look at that clip, they are huge !


and many many others, have a look at this video clip from across the street at the lake

White Birds

here is a woodpecker


Now let's go inside and start with a funny clip of Mindy and Molly having their first encounter with a gecko, that was maybe the 3rd day after we got here and that thing somehow had found a way into the bathtub. Stefan put the poor little thing outside afterwards..


Now to the biggest job - the kitchen

This is how it looked when we bought it. The pics are actually lying because they hide the walls which you saw when you entered the house


here you can see some of it, behind this wall was the kitchen

First thing we did, we tore everything down, the cabinets, the walls , everything. That was already back in March when we bought.


Here is a clip of how the place looked just before we had to go back to Germany. That was very hard for us, going back and knowing what was waiting for us in Florida.

 Inside look

When we finally were through working and after that fire in our old appartment we started the big job. First thing Stefan did was buy a Jackhammer, open the floor and move the drainage- and water pipes to the new location of the kitchen. Brenda being the runner of the kitchen made the decision where to move it and poor Stefan started to work (I guess you know who wrote this...)

He then started to build the cabinets using the old cabinets because they had very nice solid wooden doors. Moving the electric lines was really complicated, what a pain. But I wanted to do everything by myself  -  for the money and also the pride...

In the meantime the container arrived. Everything including the old Ford arrived in good shape. The crew was sort of exhausted after everything was unloaded..

The garage is full now..

The kitchen cabinets were finished, it was time to have the granite for the countertop installed. Just look at that nice structure, it is beautifull !! Kari's Granite from Lakeland did a GREAT job installing it. They were a crew of Latinos from 4 different countries. We had a wonderful time with them and when we were finished we put hot dogs on the grill and sat down together. They had to come again some weeks later to finish the job on the other side of the kitchen - hot dog time again..

Now that we finally had a sink in the kitchen and Brenda did not have to wash dishes in the bathtub anymore we could slow down a bit and visit the Disney parks in Orlando.  We always loved Disney and had been there several times before. This time we went there for a concert with Chaka Khan and the new Star Wars exhibit. Brenda is Star Wars crazy. She was in heaven. And Chaka Khan - what can I say, she is simply the best. These concerts at Disney are actually free with your ticket. They are in the Epcot park and the artists play 3 sets of  approximately 45 minutes every day. We watched all 3 sets and every concert had different songs, except "I'm every woman", that was always the last song.

Needless to say, when you come and visit we will go there. We have bought a year's pass now so we can go whenever we want. 3 weeks ago we saw Boyz II Men and last week we went there late just to enjoy the Christmas lights. It was phantastic, nobody knows how the put on a show like Disney.

This is Florida so there are plenty of parties to go to, There was the Thanksgiving dinner, the community party, Tiara's, the daughter of the neighbors across the street's 1st birthday (we have never seen that many pink things..)and  naturally every Friday the after golf party with the couples scrambles league.



We'd like to end up with the latest of the kitchen, tiles have been put on the sides. All that's missing is painting the wall (a light peach) and the cabinets ( a light grey) as well as installing recess light into the ceiling. Then we can finally move on to the rest of the living area. We still have many boxes stacked around and a re often unpacking. Mindy and Molly actually enjoy it.


We hope you enjoyed some of the pics, we will put on more as things are progressing.

Brenda and Stefan

December 24th, 2016, 11:45pm, 20 Celsius outside.

We still can't believe we are in it.